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When looking for bathmate before after pictures on google you find quite a lot. I’m not going to post any here you know how to find them.

Instead I want to make sure you don’t get too high expectations from them. Especially when those bathmate before after pictures come from sites that are selling devices. Usually what they do to make the before and after pictures look insane is they take the before picture in a completely cold state. They might even bring their penis to a turtle penis state and then take the after picture right after a 20 minute bathmate session. Well, that’s completely fine if they didn’t tell you that those were their permanent gains from a couple of days or weeks of use.

As I said before, getting permanent gains with the bathmate¬†will take time and consistent effort. Not to say that the eventual results won’t be anything short of amazing but it will simply take time. You won’t go from 5 to 7 inches in a couple of days or weeks. That will most likely take more than a year of commitment. I’ll talk about what results to expect from the bathmate here.

By all means, I’m not saying that any of those pictures are fake. Most of them simply show you what the immediate bathmate gains look like. They are awesome, too, but I simply don’t want you to expect too much, be disappointed or even overdo the bathmate sessions and get injured. Check out the bathmate routines and find the ones that fit your current state the most. If you’re a total newbie to male enhancement it will take a couple weeks until you get to a point where you can safely enjoy the full pump of the bathmate. But it will be worth it and

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